What Did We Learn in 2013?

We are on the edge of welcoming the new year and there is a lot to think about from this past year. Everyone has had their own victories and struggles, but that is what made 2013 the year it was.

Merrill Lynch CIO Ashvin B. Chhabra reviews the six themes of 2013 financially, revealing also, the themes that will effect our year in 2014. They are listed below:

1. The Great Rotation and Fed Tapering
2. Budget Battles
3. Abenomics and Future Monetary Policy
4. Eurozone’s Return to Growth
5. China’s Credit Crisis
6. Gold – Losing Its Glitter

Here is the link to the full article with overviews of each theme: http://insights.wm.ml.com/assets/pdfs/Nov-2013-CIO-Monthly-Letter.pdf

Comment below with your thoughts on these themes and if you think they will effect 2014.

Another interesting article about the themes we will likely see in 2014 is: http://insurancenewsnet.com/oarticle/2013/12/29/chief-investment-officers-of-merrill-lynch-and-us-trust-report-us-economic-g-a-441695.html#.UsLQ-zKx4dU

Happy New Year Everyone!