Can You Live Without Your Credit Card?

credit cards

Our world today has become overly dependent on our credit cards, as we use them for most all of our purchases. The use of plastic has far exceeded the use of cash. I can honestly say that while working the retail jobs I have had, I rarely have a customer use cash.

Because of this growing dependency on cash, people have also accumulated far more debt than they can control. Those who are graduating or have just graduated from college or grad school have accumulated thousands of dollars in debt and continue to gather debt with credit cards. We have become a society that has become completely dependent on our credit cards to pay for things online or for our credit score. But how many of us pay our credit card bills in full? I can honestly say that I have always done this, but many people pay the bare minimum, getting themselves into more trouble than they realize.

There are many ways to control credit card usage, such as not using credit cards, but using debit cards instead. A method that I have used for my personal finances is that I only use my credit card for gas and groceries. What are ways that you keep your credit card use under control?

Here is more on how to detach yourself from your credit cards and live with less debt:


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