The Rising Tyrant of Student Loans


Parents, grandparents, and especially college students know that education is not cheap. With loans piling higher and higher for college grads, the stress of paying back that money is extremely daunting for students. Having recently graduated college, I have paid off some of my loans, but still have a long way to go, despite having much less debt than friends of mine. Other people I know have around $100,000 worth of debt, and that is no exaggeration.

This article by Business Insider can help you learn some tips on how to avoid some of that debt. It is not a bad thing to have some debt, but loans add up, and families need to talk to each other about finances so that a student is getting an education without also tacking on a lifetime of debt.

How have you lessened you college debt? What tips do you have for recent and to-be grads?


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