The Future of Books in a Digital World


With the digital age well under way, there is a great worry about the world of books. Newspapers and magazines are turning to the internet and digital subscriptions due to the recent tablet explosion. Books have also been swept up by the tides of digital literature, with Kindles, Nooks, and other tablets. So what is going to happen to stores like Barnes and Noble that sell books?

Maybe I’m just stubborn, but I am one of those people who cannot give up on paper books. Unless I have to get a Kindle or books become a thing of the past, I refuse to stop buying books. Seeing stores like Borders close was a very sad moment for me and other book-loving friends, who simply enjoy the art of reading a book instead of a screen. Now Barnes and Noble is trying to find ways to stay afloat, and the future is looking slightly grim. Because sales for the Nook were not profitable, B&N is doing away with their reading tablet and will start brainstorming new ways of getting people to read.

That being said, the company is trying to also find ways to keep business going. Things have seemed to plateau for tablet readers and books, making them somewhat equal in terms of audience, but will that last forever? Much like the music industry, you could only buy CD’s (remember those??) until MP3 players came out, and iTunes dominated the music scene. Though people still buy CD’s, the sales are not what they used to be, as people buy a lot of their music online. And the book industry might be no different in the future.

Here is an article by Forbes on the matter regarding Barnes and Noble, and comment below with what you prefer; books or digital books?


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