Vacation Planning: Your Time Off Done Right



We all need time off from our hectic lives and jobs. We get tired of the same routine and locations that we crave just a glimpse of a different way of life, a new culture.

Planning a vacation can be like having a part time job in and of itself, especially when planning the financial aspect of it. Paying to go somewhere can seem so daunting that we will often just give up and never go anywhere outside of our “bubble.”

Instead of giving up, however, let’s think of some ways you can start saving and enjoy your vacation.

  1. Start saving early: Have a bucket that you keep spare change and extra money in. Make it a point to put some money in the bucket every week (some more than others) so that you can put that money towards your vacation. Give your kids thier own piggy banks, too, so they can start saving up for souvenirs.
  2. Pack conservatively: Don’t overpack your bag and try to conserve space so that you don’t have to check as much luggage. The more you can carry on the plane, the better.
  3. Budget while on trip: Make sure that you are watching how much you spend while on vacation. Be aware of what attractions you want to see or do the most so that you have enough for those activities.
  4. Pick a reasonable location: Do not go somewhere that you cannot afford or that would not be appropriate for young children. There is nothing wrong with a road trip to a neighboring state for a week when you have little ones. You can make any trip fun by finding activities that are out of the norm for your home area.
  5. Think of souvenirs: Remember that you will want to get souvenirs when on vacation. If you want something in particular from where you are going, budget to spend on that particular item. (Ex. You are going to Texas and want to get a pair of cowboy/girl boots, make sure to save $80-$200 for the boots.)

USA Today has a great article about vacation preparation tips, as well:

Comment below with your own financial vacation tips! We know everyone has thier own tricks on how to save money, and we would love to hear yours.


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